Donuts launches ad campaign to create awareness about new gTLD


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Donuts launched its first major, web-based advertising campaign to raise awareness of new top level domain choices.

The “Freedom of Choice” campaign involves display and video advertising targeted to small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs and tech-savvy early adopters. Ads will show on Forbes, Mashable and Fast Company, as well as more general sites such as YouTube and news sites.

The Freedom of Choice campaign will run for a minimum of 60 days. Davidoff declined to disclose the cost, other than to say it’s well over $1 million. Video ads for the campaign start with .com, which is then “backspaced” out and replaced with a number of new top level domain names.

Although the campaign has been running for less than 24 hours, Davidoff says that early results are promising, including lots of people viewing the full video ads rather than skipping them.

The complete ad video can be viewed here


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