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Whether you've built a business, a website, or developed a marketing plan, you're likely to have made mistakes along the way. Do you learn from such mistakes, or do you repeat the same mistakes?

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has an interesting post about not being afraid to make mistakes, and that doing nothing due to a fear of making mistakes is the worst thing you can do. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?!) I'm one of those people that has made mistakes along the way, but I try very hard to learn from them.

Mike Michalowicz's point is that it's okay to make mistakes, but don't make the same mistake twice, otherwise you're just 'Plain Ol' Stoopid'

Michalowicz provides some great questions you should ask yourself to help you expect and accept mistakes:

1. What were the errors you made? Why?
2. Why did the results differ from what you expected?
3. What needs to be adjusted so the next time you get your desired results?
4. Where there any benefits from your mistake that you can exploit?
5. Are there others that have made the same mistake? What can you learn from them?
6. How can you avoid making this mistake again?
7. Have you ever made this mistake before? If so, why in the hell did you repeat it?

Great questions! Okay, let me get a cup of tea and I'll start asking myself some of these questions? ;)
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