DomainSherpa Discussion:, CentralNic Buys, .Berlin Giveaway...

This is the show where we discuss domain name industry news with a panel of veterans and thought leaders.

In this DomainSherpa Discussion:
* Francois Carrillo launches Does the marketplace need financing? Who are's competitors?
* CentralNic buys for up to $7.5 million. Smart move to diversify or moving away from their core competency?
* .Berlin gives away 67,000+ registrations in one day. Is this the new business model norm for TLDs?
* NameJet & Right of the Dot team-up for .Global auction at ICANN next week.
* Question from the audience: Singular and plural trademarks, when is it ok and when are you going to get in trouble? (Note: this is not advice, consult an attorney)
* Google Adwords and adult traffic
* What domains did the Sherpas buy in .community, .cleaning, .catering and .cards
* And more!

We're joined by Adam Dicker, Frank Schilling, Michael Berkens and Page Howe.

DomainSherpa Discussion:, CentralNic buys, .Berlin Giveaway…


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