DOMAINFest Global Review: Industry Changes Prompted a New Direction for the Big Event

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DN Journal's comprehensive wire to wire review of the 2012 DOMAINfest Global conference that concluded in Santa Monica, California last week has just been published. This was the show's 6th annual event but it was considerably different than the ones that came before. The show's organizers decided it was time to broaden the scope of the conference with an agenda aimed at "Internet entrepreneurs of all stripes" rather than domain investors only. Our review article has many previously unpublished photos and show details we did not have time to include in our daily posts that were published “on the run†while the show was underway. I think you will particularly enjoy the section on Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone’s keynote chat – one of the most enlightening and entertaining keynotes we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Read all about the busy week in Santa Monica here: DOMAINFest Global 2012 Review: Industry Changes Prompt a Promising New Direction for Oversee's Big Event


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