Domain Resellers' providence lies domain “Savings”, not Sales “Revenue”

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An article by John Colascione

In early 2005 I became a reseller for Wild West Domains Inc., a subsidiary of the GoDaddy, signing up for their Reseller opportunity, and at that time, their “Super Reseller” opportunity. The difference between the two was (at that time) that the Super Reseller, which I don’t believe they offer anymore, provided the ability to “resell” the “reseller” opportunity and put companies underneath you, earning a small portion of your acquired resellers sales, sort of like a sub-affiliate or MLM (multi-level-marketing) program.

The reseller opportunity, which is still available today, gives you the ability to act as your own “mini Godaddy” and it’s treated as your own separate business, while still, you’re an affiliate. You’re provided with your own store to sell just about everything that sells, and the entire system is automated right down to live 24/7 technical support. As most of these products and services are “recurring purchases” it can be a nice little business if you do it right and get some sales under your belt.

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