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I dropcatched a .in domain name a few weeks ago, and an Indian company sent me an email to get it back. Apparently, they owned it since a few years. The content of the email is a bit threatening, and I don't like that. If a domain name is of importance for a company, they have the ability to monitor and renew it. Moreover, it's not their main domain name, just a defensive registration.

Any of you already faced such a situation?


Have sent you a PM. If you want pm the name . It depends on the name - generic or specific ? Also in my honest opinion Sanjeev ji ( Mitsu ) , are the best guys around for any clarification on such matters.


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Mitsu and Doc gave me very detailed and useful advice in PM to secure my domain. The main goal is to develop it and avoid bad faith, so I put a website on it.

Thank you to both of you, it's very useful to have you here on this forum!
Yes,Absolutely you are right. Develop your website.

Don't give bad faith on domain name and don't provide services like they did already. King

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STAND your ground....they cant do much.

Even if they were to sue you, they will spend at least $1K to do so succesfully.

Better they pay you $500 or so to get their name back.
STAND your ground....they cant do much.

Even if they were to sue you, they will spend at least $1K to do so succesfully.

Better they pay you $500 or so to get their name back.

You are right " King" , BUT from our observation and experience we know that companies want to go the way you said but biggest hurdles in that is Attorney's in between , they are concern with their money and they always suggest companies to go for suit filing so they can make money.

Ten days back a highly generic .IN domain name (registered on 16th Feb.2005 - domain name is worth few thousand dollars) owner received notice from very reputed attorney of Delhi and domain name owner immediately contacted us and Mitsu Legal team talked with attorney (as Mitsu Owner Sanjeev Goyal is Adviser to that attorney firm on domain name issues) , domain name owner want to settle the dispute and he is ready to even accept Rs 5000 to settle the dispute, but attorney firm was not ready to that as attorney firm even donot want to go for INDRP as INDRP process will not bring them good amount of fees and they are planning to file case in Delhi High Court so they can make more money for years. You can just determine from the fact that how much that attorney firm charge to their clients if they pay USD 800 per hour to Mitsu for their domain name consultancy. (their client includes fortune 500 companies).
For INDRP process good attorney firm charges USD 5000 or more.

After the the intervention of Mr. Sanjeev Goyal they agreed to settle the issue in USD 1000 and they are paying this amount to domain name owner and Mitsu is doing escrow for them.

So our piece of advice that always try to contact directly to company instead of replying to attorney, Contact attorney's only when you have good contact with them.


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