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One of South Africa's biggest e-commerce websites was recently suspended due to a failure to renew the domain (it has since been renewed). With an Alexa rank of 156 in South Africa, is obviously a popular and profitable one.

According to a current message on the website:

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused between 19h00 on Saturday, 23 January until midday on Sunday, 24 January 2010. The site was unavailable to the Internet world. SAA would like to inform you our loyal customer that the outage was not as a result of any oversight by SAA or its’ personnel. We also confirm that the site was not subject to cyber attacks.

The problem was a direct result of service providers not meeting their obligations and SAA will be taking further action in this regard. SAA also did not receive any pre-warning of the pending issue. Within hours of the problem being identified, the SAA IT personnel was able to address the problem ensuring minimal disruptions to our customers.

No doubt, SAA won't be using this particular ISP provider again. :eek:

It's not the first e-commerce site to suffer from domain renewal problems (unfortunately, it probably won't be the last!).


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its always funny to see famous websites expect personal mail invites /phone calls for their renewal notice :rolleyes:

at least they renewed upto 17-jan-2014 now :D


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