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Richard Branson announcedVirgin Group’s investment in Hyperloop One.” The amount invested was not revealed, but it was a large enough amount that the company’s name is changing to Virgin Hyperloop One.

Although it is not yet resolving or forwarding to a website, was unsurprisingly registered. The domain name is registered under privacy proxy, so it is not clear who owns the domain name or who registered it. What is a bit surprising is when this domain name was registered. Usually companies wait until the final moments to register a domain name, but this wasn’t the case for

Had outsiders been paying attention to Hyperloop-related domain name registrations, the registration of may have tipped people off to this news several months ago. According to Whois records, was registered back in April.

DomainTools has a great tool called “Brand Monitor,” which I previously wrote about. Brand Monitor allows users to enter in brand keywords, and DomainTools sends a morning email blast with domain names that were registered that have the keyword in them. Tracking Apple keyword registrations would be challenging because of the frequency of domain name registrations with “apple” in them. Tracking “Hyperloop” or other unique domain registrations would be easier.



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