Domain pricing game: Acquisition middlemen still going strong in 2017


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Domain acquisition services, operating behind the scenes on behalf of usually well-off buyers, continue to game the domain market.

Even when there is no trademark associated with particular domains, those middlemen attempt to acquire them at the lowest possible cost, putting pressure on the domain owners.

This is how they secure bonuses, and although not all of them make themselves invisible, they tend to not disclose their full intentions.

For domain investors, it’s a great way to leave significant amounts of money on the table.

Regardless of whether domain inquiries or offers arrive from generic email providers, domainers should treat every incoming inquiry as if it came from eponymous end-user buyers. That approach ensures that the maximum ROI is placed on the table as the negotiated upon price.

Typical responses from middlemen in the domain industry address budgets, flexibility in pricing, and other time-wasting exchanges that intend to derail and frustrate domain owners.

Being aware of a domain’s street value is important.

Researching your buyer is also mandatory. Sticking to your guns with regards to pricing, is also dependent on your negotiation skills. Asking for a high price is a sensible starting point; past that initial response, you won’t be able to go up, as opposed to going down.

If an offer is made, counter with yours. If they are asking for review time, tell them the quote comes with a short time window. After all, pressure is on them from their respective clients, and you are in control of the domain pricing game.



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