Domain Portfolio - 55 GREAT NAMES,,,

I’m selling my portfolio of domain names which is a collection from the last few years.
There are 55 hand picked domain names from all different niches, almost all are Aged
Make an offer on each name or the entire portfolio.
Substantial registration time remaining on all domains.
Please send Private messages

Taking Offers above $490 on these: (Created on 1999-08-24 - Expires on 2016-08-24) Since 2001 (135,000 Exact Searches) (Created on 2004-08-01 - Expires on 2017-08-01) (SOLD)!! (Created on 2000-10-27 - Expires on 2017-10-27 ) (SOLD)!! ( Since 2002) Steak Names highly sought (Created on 2002-08-30 - Expires on 2017-08-30) ( (without s) is a major website) (6/26/2016) ( one of the first GPS names since 1997)

Make any offer amount on these domains: ( Asterik names ** offers above $195) 14,800 Exact Searches ( 6/16/2016) Great name ** (Registered in 2000) just sold for $500,000 ** since 1997** High Exact Searches and Estibot 12,100 Exact Searches (-1/6/2016)** (10/27/2016) (7/18/2016) (8/17/2016)** (7/18/2016) (8/21/2016) (former major coupon website) (10/5/2016) (2/22/2015) (11/4/2016) 12,100 EXACT SEARCHES *** CPC $5.27 CPC $9.77 ** (6,600 Exact Searches) ** (1,600 Exact Searches) (110,000 Exact Searches) (3,600 Exact Searches) ** (website included) ** (74,000 Exact Searches) Perfect election name ** (perfect for Sub Domain Business ex: Bob @ (1,600 Exact searches)

Dot LA's and Dot TO (90,500 Exact Searches) Brandable (High Exact Searches) Brandable SOLD!
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