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Now, with the domain name cheaper, I believe that many owners have several or more hands idle domain names that he not have access, lost interest too may later have buyers waiting to sell go, maybe earn some money with the use, but these owners have not thought about using your domain name do idle domain parking, maybe make you a small fortune Choi made it.

Domain parking, the story behind?

Domain Parking (Domain Parking, referred DmParking) also known as domain parking, domain traffic parked domain name is an automatically generated web technology systems. Is to use your domain name resolves to an advertising page, to reach someone by visiting your domain name or the domain name after it came to advertising page click on the ads, you can get a way wangzhuan income. Generally provide domain parking provider will do a program page, so you need to park the domain name resolves to the IP on him, the program will display the top according to visiting your domain name in this ad pages. If someone through after the visit, you will have to click on ads to get revenue. So do some parked domain domain name investors will achieve the purpose of making money with an empty domain.

Parked pages generally contain advertising links, advertisers pay for the visitor's clicks, click fee is generally a fraction to a few dollars each, from which owners can share the revenue. Sometimes we find a different domain pages similar, in fact, different people in the same domain parking service providers do domain parking. This method returns without any risk.

Domain parking, play is the flow

Give everyone watching a domain name: This domain name is a combination of English letters creativity, my friend had done learning about the computer network sites, the accumulation of quite a few of popularity, there are thousands of Japanese IP, but we people's point of view, is really too long, not very desirable, friends in addition to other domain names registered, and later made a parked domain with this, and now have more than 1000 daily IP and traffic from overseas accounted for a big part of the . On this one domain name per month brought him over 2000 revenue.

A good domain name is the Internet's most valuable real estate, the country now has a few tens of thousands of domain names of the players, and even there are thousands of .com domain names top players can even get a thousand million of annual income through domain parking . If you have courage, can really play out their own piece of the sky in the domain that regard.

You find a suitable parking

Favorable for parked domain

General domain parking service is the use of the domain name to bring visitors to reach their ad click revenue, so under normal circumstances require you to have a certain domain name held by visitors (traffic). Can bring traffic domain include: domain name with excellent keywords, domain names to be included in search engines, originally built a station name, wrong is wrong not domain names, domain name suffix of the same name in different domain names.

After selecting park, you can sit back and wait like waiting for the money, if some publicity, there will be better results.

Domain parking service requirements should not click on your own or ask others to click on advertising links; not use news list, a lot of e-mail, web chat, instant messaging, forums, classifieds and other requirements, requests, irritation or trick-click advertising links; not transfer flow into another parked domains and other methods of manufacturing flow, click. Parking firms generally accept only two types of traffic: direct input access and traffic generated from the domain name that already exists links. Any method to guide traffic through other methods domain is contrary to our Terms and all money online payments will be detained.

Find a suitable parking Suppliers

With a suitable domain name, we would choose a domain parking service provider, and each company's application process are similar, it simply is "Registering a domain name - registered parked Company Member Account - parked domain name - share advertising revenue."

sedo is the most professional foreign domain parking provider, plain English advertising parked page, high click earnings, does not currently support domestic traffic.

In fact, a lot of money online ways, but in the end how to make money, in this article on how to tackle all the way to make money online, we want to help.
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