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I have searched the forum but couldn't find the info on the above topic.

What is the best way to optimize your domain name when its parked?

For e.g in Sedo you have a Master Keyword section and Related Links.

Assuming you have a domain called called Tax.xx

Would you put "Tax" as a master keyword - as a thumb rule YES - (but not necessary if it is not a popular term)

In the "Related Links" section would you put (assuming the master keyword is used as a first word as a combination) -

1) Calculator
2) Consultant
3) and so on...
4) .
5) .....

Or Would you use two word combination (including your Master Keyword?)

1) Tax Consultant
2) Tax Calulator
3) Tax Slab
4) and so on ....
5) .....

Or would you use three word combination (include/exclude your Master Keyword?)

1) Tax Consultant in place or 1) Consultant in place
2) Tax Calculator xxxxx or 2) Calculator xxxx
3) and so on ....
4) .....

I know some of you here have great experience in domaining and domain parking optimization.
I would appreciate if you could share your knowledge and give some tips the best way to optimize the parked domain.
Or would you just say use the permutation combination and learn yourself ;-)

Appreciate your help and thanks for sharing your experience.



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I once had an email discussion with someone at Sedo about the suggested number of keywords. They thought the fewer the better. I can make a good argument why that suggestion doesn't make sense. My argument is the more keywords which appear on a page, the greater number of visitors. We didn't convince each other.

In any case, I had a number of parking pages at Sedo and experimented will all combinations of number of keywords. If it's any use, the result of my experiment was that nothing made the slightest difference. The number of visitors to my Sedo parking pages was weak and remained weak no matter how I played with keywords.

Maybe the problem is with the sites I had parked with Sedo at the time. Maybe they were all weak sites. If I repeated the same experiment with good domain names I might get different results.


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There are a number of things you can do.

While there is little you can do to improve traffic, you can improve conversions and CPC.

To improve CPC, I play with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

Just do a search for your keyword, and see what similar keywords have the highest CPC. You can play around with this - sometimes there is even a substantial difference between a singular and a plural.

To improve conversion, you can also try different layouts and see what works best. Or, try the domain at a different parking company.

I haven't played around much with the related links, as I haven't really seen that making much difference.


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As I understand it, in Sedo, the Keyword (s) is linked to the ads appearing on you page. Therefore the keywords do not influence the number of unique visitors which will visit your pages but a good keyword can influence the conversion rate.
The problem seems to be more how to attract additional visitors to your pages. I personally have no direct answer to this last question


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Thank you very much for your suggestions and tips. I will use google keyword tool and try to optimize the site.

Much appreciate... Thanks


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Good luck with that! It's a bit of effort, but it can pay off if you're getting good traffic.
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