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We are currenlty looking for beta testers for our new domain parking website

Tel: 0845 474 9692
Cell: 07852 403213



Big hitters start domain parking: Domain parking is now a respected revenue source for a lot of publishers.


Big portfolio owners of domain names now have a new stream to maximise revenue from their domain names when domain parking. The website trading name Parks Dot Com Limited has launched a new domain parking platform which allows customers to fully customise their landing pages to maximise click through revenue on their landing pages.

Kerr Gracie from Parks Dot Com limited says Domain parking has become very stagnant and boring over the last few years and not very enticing for domain name owners with boring landing pages that don’t give justice to the potienal of a domain name that has a lot of traffic, Parks Dot Com now give the opportunity for users to create and manage landing pages making them fully customisable and pleasing to the eye when landing on a parked domain name, encouraging better click through rates.

Parks Dot Com have also integrated into their parking domain platform a great way for parked domain names to get indexed in the major search engines, allowing users to enter their own meta tags and descriptions and drive alot of targeted traffic to their users parked domain names.

Head of operations Turkel Alizadeh quoted “We have a dedicated team of designers and an excellent marketing team so we have a lot of ideas we can bounce around and we are adding and making different dimensions on a daily basis to improve domain parking for our users. We strive to give our users what they want and like to listen to their ideas, above all we believe in great customer support for users.

Parks Dot Com limited are launching beta testing on the 15th of June 2010 and are offering user 90% of parked revenue during beta testing. You can sign up to the beta testing module

Parks Dot Com limited has also partner shipped with Bradley Exall who owns smart script solutions

Bradley quoted “This is an exciting time for Parks Dot Com Limited, We are integrating lots of new features that the parking companies out there don’t have on their platform at the moment, and with my experience of coding I can implement new ideas quickly to keep on step ahead of the competition.

With domain parking on the rise around the world it would look like Parks Dot Com is well on their way to giving users what they want when it comes to domain parking

Kerr says” Beta testing is a very exciting time for the company with Bradley a great asset to the company in driving ideas forward an implementing them. We aim to give the best service to our users and this is what we intend to do
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