Domain names Amazon and other end users bought


Huge companies buy domain names along with cryptocurrency companies.

Two very large companies made domain name purchases at Sedo over the past week. bought a generic and Statoil, a $74 billion market cap energy company, bought a domain corresponding to one of its projects. $25,000 – The domain is in escrow but I can’t imagine it being anyone other than the owner of $22,500 – What a deal for Potpourri Group, Inc., a direct-to-consumer merchandiser. It upgraded from to for a low price. $16,800 – It looks like this will be used for a chatting app, but the buyer’s identity is unclear. $5,299 – A “coming soon” page says it will be a cryptocurrency trading platform. €3,450 – Energy giant Statoil acquired the domain name for one of its offshore wind farm investments. £2,800 – SBTP Group Ltd is a newly formed company in London. The domain doesn’t resolve yet. $3,500 – Bluewater Yacht Sales bought its acronym. $3,500 – This is short for the personal name Luis Fernandez. $2,495 – OneDayGroup in China owns the domain name €8,600 – Amazon bought this descriptive domain which means “audio book”. $8,540 – Stands4 LTD owns $3,000 – WANDX is a cryptocurrency exchange that uses the domain $2,000 – This service helps you find and book event space.



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