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Company registrations for top level domains up 19 percent from last year.

The company avers that the key findings contained in the report include:

There were 174 million domain name registrations across all of the top level domain names at the end of the third quarter of 2008. This represents a three percent growth over the second quarter of 2008 and a 19 percent growth over the same quarter last year;
The base of country code top level domain names totaled 68.9 million domain names, a five percent increase quarter over quarter and a 26 percent increase year over year;
Among the top ten largest ccTLDs, there were several changes as .br (Brazil) climbed up to the eighth position and .au (Australia) joined the top ten for the first time, displacing .ch (Switzerland);
Among the top 25 largest ccTLDs, four (.eu (European Union), .kr (South Korea), .sp (Spain) and .tv (Tuvalu)) stand-out due to a larger quarterly growth rate vs. the performance in the second quarter. The remaining ccTLDs experienced growth rates that were flat or slowing when compared to their growth rates in second quarter.
In every country, people associate 'TV' with the kind of entertainment and information that users usually get from television. Web sites with a .tv domain name address provide the ideal destination for an emerging, next-generation Internet experience.


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Interesting news. Thank you for sharing the info.Well i think that it is high time that all the company have started offering services online. So it is essential for them to have a domain name in any of the tld. As the customer base grow, there is a pulling pressure for the companies to buy the specific domain. And am sure that the percentage hike will be more next year.


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thats interesting..I think with a little bit of promotions, IN numbers can go way higher..its just that we are not marketing it enough..


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