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In a previous thread, I posted a link relating to domain counts for 2008. You can now find some 2009 domain statistics.

Similar to 2008, the 2009 statistics do not include .IN domains. However, at the time of this post (February 2009):

There currently are just under 500,000 Indian domains registered.

Almost 330,000 of those are .in and about 130,000 of those are

Taking into account the recent .IN promotions, I expect this figure has now changed a bit. :)

I also notice that .CA domain counts are now being added on the 2009 list.


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Unlike the majority of domain extensions on the list, I notice that .mobi domain counts are going down, rather than up:

Jan - 866,770
Feb - 846,994
Mar - 841,092
Apr - 840,581

The all-time high for .mobi appears to be October 2008 at 956,412.

What does this mean? That after all the .mobi hype, a lot of people are letting their .mobi domains expire?
Interesting stats.

Thanks for sharing.

.mobi was pure hype and some people made considerable money just like any 'pump and dump'.


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Not a good sign for .mobi. That's a significant drop. People must be losing lots of money...


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I just checked the stats again.

.asia doesn't seem to be doing well these days. Domain count stats are as follows:

Jan - 241,129
Feb - 243,816
Mar - 245,196
Apr - 243,884
May - 238,713
Jun - 214,324
Jul -211,741
Aug - 210,985

The all-time high for .asia domains was in August 2008 at 205,320.

Also, here's an update to the .mobi stats that was posted earlier:

May - 836,355
June - 838,871
July - 841,571
Aug - 844,687
Sept - 854,594 (Sept not yet finished)

Seems like .mobi has been a bit more popular this September. Has there been a marketing push for .mobi or something? ;)


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