Domain Appraisal for Indian .com Names Please.


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Hi there,

Any appraisal for the following domain names? (mfg abbreviation for Manufacturing).

Thanks for your time.


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Hello AlertMumbai and welcome to the community! When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here:
Introduce Yourself

Unfortunately, I don't really see much resale value in those domains - they don't seem to capture any commercial aspect that someone would be willing to pay a large premium to obtain rather than hand registering similar domains.


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Thank you for your reply Jeff.

I agree with you, these domains may not have resale value but if developed with right business concept they may be worth more.

For AlertMumbai domain, I was thinking of developing a news site focused on what’s happing in Mumbai. Once it picks up the ground may be sale it to other news channel.

For MFGIndia, the plan is to develop a portal to connect buyers and suppliers around the world with primary focus on suppliers from India (similar to IT outsourcing but for manufacturing industry).

Please let me know your thoughts. King

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I think only has real end user potential. I have heard about Indian cities' cleanliness issues and it could be used as a non-profit/campaign website. mid $xxx for that name.

as for, its brandable, so there needs to be that special entity that wants the name, or ur stuck with it. is just OK. to say mfg means manufacturing is pushing it a bit. once again, it needs special demand to have end user appeal. very low $xx.

but at least they are .coms, so the foundation is good.
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