Does word of mouth really work?


I have asked for advice on marketing from a lot of people before and it always seem to come back to word of mouth. Do you think that that strategy actually works or not?


Well, if you are a good with words and you know how to please people and you find people easy to read, you can easily "bend" some of the things you are saying to make him / her more interested. I believe that nothing can beat word of mouth if it is executed correctly. You just need some practice and you need to learn how to play with people's minds :)


It's pretty much a known fact that it does work. That's why there are so many referral gadgets on forum software. However, though, people need an incentive to get a referral and possibly a huge amount of money is needed to create one. Nonetheless, I think it's worth the large cost.


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Word of Mouth usually refers to "one friend referring another friend" to your service. If I have a friend that tells me he/she has used your service and that you are trustworthy and good at what you do, then I will most likely use your service also. Word of Mouth is an excellent reference. Now if you are talking about recommendations (stars) on Amazon or eBay, or feedback for transactions here on, then that is also excellent references. But beware on sites that do not offer controls on feedback. You can also "buy" favorable results on some sites then it is not a true indication of quality of service. If you are wanting to get good feedback for your services, you will not need to buy it IF you really offer good services. Most people now are more than happy to share their experiences


I think it does if we do execute it properly. Some of the people use it in the business seminars, lectures and college fest. And for them it surely works. I can tell you that this method works for those who have lot of networking experience. Many sales people have managed to promote domains and hosting this way. So this is definitely possible from what I know.


Thank you all for replying and your advice. I agree with you guys that it has to be executed well. However, I think that word of mouth is great for people who are great at creating social interactions and I haven't had much success with that in the past.


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This topic has been covered extensively and there’s really nothing much to add. The thing with word-of-mouth is that it only works when the consumers or direct users of your product or service receive exceptional attention. Most times, you don’t even have to pay for referrals.


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