Does anyone have any evidence of......


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.....companies in India or operating in India moving away from .com domains and switching to .in domains??

As far as I am aware, most of the major online companies still primarily use .com names and therefore until major companies are encouraged to start using .in domain names, then the .in extension will never really have as much potential as or .de for example.

Therefore can anyone give examples of major companies or institutions within or related to India using the .in domain extension for their main domain name within in India.

Unless large corporation start using the .in extensions, medium and small companies and individuals alike within India will always flow towards .coms and only use .ins as back ups.


This is a matter of time. Dot in is a young ccTLD compared to .de or It will eventually prevail .com (already did it in terms of the number of domain registrations in India). Dot com is the best choice for international business but even these usually secure local extensions. You shouldn't worry about the .in future :)

Some examples?

Here's a few:


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Nokia was using before.
But don't know why they changed it now to
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There is an Directive from Govt. of India. to all All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Accredited Degree Colleges/Universities to make there website with .IN domain extension.

No doubt .COM is the king in almost all countries, but you can't afford to ignore the Presence, Strength of .IN domains

India has 1 Billion + population, do you think any decent .COM still left for them to use? Even almost all Indian names are registered already by Domainers....! and the same is happening with .IN

Anbody who invest in .IN Domains as of today, will be laughing all the way to the bank after 2-3 yrs.

Good Things Take Time...!


Danish K.
Spot on ebiz4india. Surely, a country with a burgeoning middle class and ever increasing purchasing power should do something to internet in general and domain names in particular right? Besides there is growing segment of people and powers to be who want to show case India as an emerging economic powerhouse and not just a developing economy, technology and internet would surely be the thrust areas...

If we hunker down and wait for 2 years (with good domain names and/ or websites) I think the future is quite bright.



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Think you're asking for companies that were earlier on .com but moved to .in subsequently.

I think these two typify -

I'm sure there are tons more.
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