Do your own promotion?


Do you do your own website promotion, or hire an agency or marketer to do it for you? I've hired designers through Fiverr before because I can't draw at all, but I still do most of the marketing myself. Which approach do you think works better?


I think your best bet would be to do a little bit of both. Marketing can easily cost more than what you're making from the site, so it's better if you do what you can yourself and then use outsourcing for the tasks that you can't do.


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It makes sense to outsource especially when there are little or no budget constraints. It is not easy to run the business and market it at the same time, without help. Better set aside some money and achieve the desired results.


When you plan how you're going to market your website, of course the first thing that you have to consider is the budget that you have for that, and depending on how much you have to use toward that, then you can make your decisions accordingly.


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Personally, I do my own website promotion as I don’t want to pay other people do to what I can do better as most agency’s will just know the basic paid advertising you see on social media. The agency’s will almost never know the power of advertising in forums which while you do need to engage with the community, can bring a ton of highly targeted visitors.
That depends on the on your website, In case your website is small, if it is something that your making out of your interest or just to earn some extra income,then i suggest you do the marketing stuff yourself because it is not worth it to hire a professional to do the job, besides social media is one place where you can get huge amount of organic traffic to your site.The most effective among them is through the facebook groups. There are tonnes of FB groups which primarily focus on one topic,You will find groups created based one primary niche just like the bloggers do. All you have to do is just search and join the groups that have the same niche as your website and start posting in that group that's it done. But this is in case of a small websites, But if it is a big website then it is recommended that you hire some professionals to do the job as you can not just depend on social media marketing.


I agree that if your site is small or if it's more of a hobby or just a side hustle, then there is no real need to spend money on hiring someone else to do your marketing for you.


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How about doing a cost-to-income ratio? It doesn't make sense to outsource such a service when you are not making enough money. On the other hand, you cannot do this on your own if you aren't a professional.


A lot more can be done alone then you think. Also, paid promotion can work out horribly if done wrong. As noted in the thread about cheap traffic, it can be said a lot of traffic is fake or of a massively low quality. Also, there are cases where the traffic isn't that bad, but the buyers are not in a good state of mind to buy. That's what you call cold traffic.


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Paid promotion can be very expensive and still result in no income. Be careful with Paid Promotion. I tried it many years ago and my monthly budget was gone in a few days with still no income. Make sure you have a daily spending limit if using paid promotion.


I don't recommend or encourage using paid promotion when one is just starting out or on a new site. I think it's always best to first make sure that the site is going the right direction before spending money on advertising.
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