Do you wear a wrist watch?


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I still sometimes do out of habit, because I was raised before most people had mobiles!

But yes, I notice that most people don't wear them any more.

And when I'm at home, there is always the time on my computer screen :)


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Its very unconvenient to take out your mobile, everytime you need to watch the time. I still wear watches because i find them too fashionable.


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Yes because for me, watches is very fashionable and it's much easier to be see compare with the mobile which need to be taken out from the pocket or beg.


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No I don' they irritate the skin and I always end up taking it off and never putting it back on again.


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I love to wear a wrist watch. Infact, I have made watch collection a hobby. I have around 28 watches where in 24-25 are designer ones.


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I was a watch obsessed person before I started keeping my cell phone. The craze died a natural and slow death. But even today, I'd still prefer to wear one. It's more of an accessory though :)


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With mobiles in pocket, how many of you still love to wear wrist watch?
I do not like to wear the wrist watch. I consider that it is useless. I think that with mobile telephone in the pocket you can get all the necessary information.


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yes i do. even if i can see the time on my mobile phone, it is hard to always bring out your phone and check on the time. i am more comfortable looking at my wrist watch.;)


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I always prefer having the watch. Else i need to take the mobile out always and check the time. And more than that, i like my wrist watch very much. So i will prefer the watch.


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I haven't worn a wrist watch for around 12 years, since when I bought my first mobile.

PS: what's up with Ceres? It's been a long time since I last saw her online.


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Well I do wear a wrist watch. I know more and more people like to use theuir mobile for seeing the time but I prefer the wrist watch :)
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