Do you question your investment into a new gTLD as a Domainer??


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Hello all.
I was just wondering if the investment into the new gTLDs as a Domainer(buying domains in order to flip it for profits) is going to bear results??
I have been reading about the new gTLDs a lot. Sometimes, I think that an investment into a good .COM would be 10 times better than buying a new gTLDs. What do you guys think?? Are you completely satisfied while investing in new gTLDs, not as an end user, but as a Domainer?
What is your take on the effect of new gTLDs on the popularity of .COMs??


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I haven't bought a single one for resale purposes (I own a few for development). King

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the new gTLDs is only a win for the registrars and big boys of the domain industry(and to a lesser degree the web enthusiasts who develop them for the niche advantage/perspective). That is what we thought before they launched, and that is the current reality. I have stayed out of them and im happy i did. fools gold.
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