Do you love flowers?


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I am sure that we must dedicate as much time as possible for the beauty in our life. For example I am a woman who is fond of flowers. I consider that flowers is the embodiment of the beauty. Do you love flowers?


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I am also very fond of fresh flowers, I have just finished with arranging flowers in 5 vases, to be kept in all rooms. I love to grow flowers in my yards, in pots as well as beds. In another fifteen days spring will be around and yards will be booming with blooming flowers.


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I love flowers. My parents actually have a large flower import company in Europe and they import flowers from all over the world. They buy a lot of roses in Israel, Kenya and Colombia for example. Flowers make people happy and feel good.


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I want to add that flowers is also very useful because it is the very effective remedy of the curing of stress. Flowers is simply the natural collection of the therapeutic factors.
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