Do you believe 2010 will be the break out year for .in domains?


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The past few years have seen a great deal of attention on Cctlds. We saw a very successful Cctld themed auction in Amsterdam in early 2009.

As green shoots become more visible and the US economy, as well as the rest of the world, begins to show signs of positive growth--Do you think 2010 will be the year of the .in?

It may well take us till 2011 before we see high dollar value sales associated with .in domains, but I wonder if Rick Latona (who has a strong belief in Cctlds) will feature them again in one of the many upcoming Traffic auctions in 2010.

I applaud the work of Jeff and others on the website for putting out the word for .in's.

Any opinions, thoughts, comments...?


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I applaud the work of Jeff and others on the website for putting out the word for .in's.

I second that.

But I still believe that it it will take some more time, at least something like 3 years, when .IN will be truly reflecting their worth. May be in 2013.
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I agree with domainwallah.

Indian internet growth potential is enormous but it will probably not explode in 2010, I believe that 2011-2012 will be pretty existing for indian domain names.

It of course depends a lot from Indian (and world) economy situation in years that are coming.


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Not being in India, Im not aware if the technocrati are fully aware of the .in domain and its potential.

I agree that it will likely take another year or two for .in's to step out into the limelight. It would be great to see one of the future domain conferences be held in an Indian city with auction featuring .in domains. King

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i think .in will start picking noticeably more momentum from 2011 onwards. Value of one word/LLL.ins are gradually increasing in value currently..
interesting question. According to Sedo domain value has been increasing steadily over the years. But have you realized what will happen if the NIC introduces a new tld for each language in India which will probably happen after the new Icann regulation about non-Latin characters. We could see 10 new Indian tlds which could devaluate the existing ones

Christopher Hofman

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Thats an excellent point!

There is a potential to dilute the value of the .in domain with the introduction of a variety of Indian IDNs in various languages. The argument will be made that English is the language of business and the educated workforce in the Indian subcontinent; however, I would not downplay the threat.

I suppose this is the fun part of speculation and domaining on the whole. Place your bets and roll the dice...
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