DNJournal releases weekly sales report. NL.com leads at $575,000


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Nl.com led DNJournal weekly sales chart.

Here are the top sales:

1. NL.com $575,000

2. Classic.com $172,500

3. 8.co $115,000

4. Buying.com $69,200

5. SIE.com $27,600

6. YRY.com $25,022

7. Xixia.com $19,488

8. ZIC.com $18,400

9. EZPR.com $14,500

10. QUK.com $14,301

11. Legend.net $13,000

12. NewLogic.com $12,600

13. 0328.com $12,000

14. Yuchu.com $11,904

15. GQT.com $11,800

16. Boho.com $11,500

17. NDQ.com $11,209

18. FOJ.com $11,200

19. E-Comm.com $11,100

20. IUZ.com $11,001
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