Diwali - The hottest keyword this year for .IN domains (.COM.s .CO.INs also)!


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Yes in the year 2014 - Indian eCommerce and Diwali Shopping are finally converging in a (both Mobile First and Online), the hottest keyword this month is going to surely be "Diwali" on Google.co.in's list - followed by phrases such as Diwali Dhamaka, Diwali Sale, Diwali Shopping, Diwali Deals most likely...prefixes and suffixed like "grand", "mega" "bumper" "super" "jumbo" are all in the limelight...permutations endless......

Given the number of such event/context specific .IN/.CO/IN and .COM domains registered in the last week alone this trend is here to stay for years to come...trolls or otherwise.

We have data showing at least a 10x growth of "type in" traffic and another 5X search based traffic on these domains lately in our own select portfolio.

It is no mere rumor that "A" big player in Indian Digital Commerce has been acquiring EMDs related to India. Yes ".IN" digital commerce related domains are SUPER HOT!

SUMMARY - The significance of EMD and SEO in Indian e-Commerce with intense competition in the digital commerce world which is undergoing a tectonic shift currently is likely to intensify the "land grab" among these players and hence the premiums on these domains will skyrocket IMO.

So have you got a Amazing domain name in your portfolio or have you Snapped a Diwali gift related domain or Flipped one (pun intended on those bold words ), we surely have!:rolleyes:
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I've got DIWALI.IN , but see little traffic :|

You will probably see a traffic increase this month and the next, diwali is a seasonal keyword.

Anyway I don't think the traffic will be so high, type in traffic even in these months does not seem to be very high (according to adwords). If you develop a website with good content and some authoritative backlinks, traffic could be much more from search engines.
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I've got DIWALI.IN , but see little traffic :|

Not surprised... a developed site with rich content on that domain could drive traffic...then possibly "brand-able"..

On the other hand EMD's are being sought for catch phrases and shopping/commerce related domains ...Today we were surprised we could hand register - "MithaiShop.IN" (aka Sweet Shop). It is an excellent one given "Diwali Sweets" are a popular search term this season.

Also see HelpCMOs | Inuxu (Just FYI)


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Good that others see the real opportunity to registers cognitive Indian pathways other than the well trodden English/USA language URL's This link is about export for scale (The future of India 4 sure =http://yourstory.com/2014/10/raymond-online/ ) but in terms of Modi's national India centric future (without home consumers No GNP) it is about holding on to ones national identity / culture as exemplified with Yatra & Shaadi (dot) com. When I talk to people in India I am sometimes interrupted while they speak to family or friends and the language changes to Hindi / English IMO the opportunity is using the hindsight you have and taking the long term investment view of romamised search words terms for a market of 1.2 billion that with Japan is the bulwark of democracy in Asia and at this point financial supported by ? : ) place your bets.


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Based on Ace's posting where do you see the the 10x growth in "type in"traffic. .IN or .CO.IN or .COM domains.

See it in EMDs related to Diwali Sales/Shopping etc. across .IN or .CO.IN or .COM domains in our portfolio. These were newly acquired domains with no site content, now with basic keyword and meta tags added hope to see some more growth as they get picked up..


I registered these today Oct 14, 2014 :







Cheers !!!
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