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Having a disorganized portfolio specially when you are trading in volumes of domain names may cost you a fortune.
One of such cases was shared by a Domainer who lost some money instead of making some, on a flip just because he accepted an offer for a domain which he did not own.
He had to buy the domain back and then sell it at the price confirmed.

Here is what he has to say:

"I just sold a domain at GoDaddy which I had dropped and it was picked up by HugeDomains. Had to go and buy the domain back from HugeDomains. Lost about $300 on the whole transaction. I’m usually super-careful about checking I still own the domain when negotiating a price at GoDaddy. This one seemed to have slipped thru the net. I actually went through the negotiations, accepted a counter-offer, went to Dynadot to transfer it back to GoDaddy, and found I didn’t own it any longer. Gulp!

I was on my first and final warning from GoDaddy about this. I never actually sold another domain. I got the enquiry, checked the whois, made a counter offer of $1M and told them I didn’t own the domain anymore. Please check the whois for the new owner. Seems the buyer didn’t like the counter-offer and reported it to GoDaddy. So now if I get an offer on a domain I no longer own, I just let the offer expire, and then quietly delete the domain."

Here is a great article on the dire consequences of disorganized portfolio is Domaining.
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