DirecPay: Payment Processing for Indian Merchants


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Via Pluggd.in, I just read about Times of Money's newly launched service DirecPay.

DirecPay allows online merchants to accept electronic payments through a payment gateway service.

Via DirecPay's FAQs, I found the following info:

What are the credit cards and net banking platforms that DirecPay supports?
DirecPay handles customer purchases made through MasterCard and Visa Credit cards. It supports banking platforms of HDFC, ICICI, UTI, IDBI, CBoP and Citibank.
Customers using these banking platforms can use their Internet banking to make online purchases.
I couldn't see info about how much DirecPay's fees are, except for the following:

Are transaction fees negotiable?
Our transaction fees are not negotiable. All our merchants are charged the same discount rate. These fees are quite modest, when one considers the services that we offer.
How can I pay the sign up fee?
Allow our representative to get in touch with you and brief you about the payment method.
To sign up, there is an online enrollment form at https://www.timesofmoney.com/direcpay/secure/dpMerchLeadForm.jsp

If you use this service, please share your experiences.


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The domain retailer "mitsu.in" uses DirecPay service to accept payments from subscribers for "direct debit from bank" and credit card payments.

I have used the service as a customer through mitsu for registrations and renewals.

<excerpt from mitsu.in payment instructions>

Online NetBanking Payment From Indian Banks Account - Real Time Credit :
You can pay ONLINE by your Indian Banks NetBanking Account of HDFC Bank, ICICI BANK, AXIS Bank, Citi bank, Kotak Bank, Bank of India, IDBI Bank, Punjab National Bank, YES Bank, Bank of Punjab, Centurion Bank of Punjab to us. But please note that any Invoices and Debit Note payment will not attract any charges to the customer but ALL ADDFUNDS TRANSACTION WILL GIVE YOU NET CREDIT IN YOUR ACCOUNT after deduction 3% Gateway Charges.

Direct Deposit in Bank of America in USA (for USD 1000 and above)
Currently our Customers can Only Advance Fund (Add Fund) their account with us through Directly Depositing into Bank Of America in USA, just email us for required funding details at billing@mitsu.in.

</excerpt from mitsu.in payment instructions>

Hope this helps :)



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Hi trader, thanks so much for the info. It's great that Mitsu.in already offers that type of service.

The more payment options a business offers, the happier the customers. :)


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