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Didi Chuxing (Chinese: 滴滴出行; pinyin: Dīdī Chūxíng), formerly Didi Kuaidi (Chinese: 滴滴快的), is a major ride-sharing company, providing transportation services for more than 400 million users across over 400 cities in China. DiDi acquired Uber’s China unit on August 1, 2016. In April 2017, DiDi closed over US$5.5 billion financing round, being one of the most valuable technology companies in the world.

At the end of June, Didi Chuxing acquired its brand domain name of Didi.cn, but the domain has not been used yet, their website domain name is still didichuxing.com. We tried to get more information about sale price from the seller, but he said that he can not disclose the sale price, because he signed confidentiality agreement. However, according to the seller’s other words, it seems that the price was very good.

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