Dictionary word domain with traffic

Here is Sedo report for last 12 months.72% of visitors are from USA,12% from India and 2% from Finland

Today000.00 EUR0.00 %0.00 EUR0.00 EUR
Yesterday*100.00 EUR0.00 %0.00 EUR0.00 EUR
Last 7 Days*410.05 EUR25.00 %0.05 EUR12.75 EUR
Month to Date*510.05 EUR20.00 %0.05 EUR10.20 EUR
Last 31 Days*5810.05 EUR1.72 %0.05 EUR0.88 EUR
Last 12 months449142.74 EUR3.12 %0.20 EUR6.11 EUR
I gave data based on last 31 days data, which is 58. I am not sure if domain was parked on Sedo platform for last 12 months.
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