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I have a question pertaining to developing multiple websites across different niches. Would you recommend it or would it be too much work, especially for someone who is learning website management and development as they go along?


The popular quote says that experience is the best teacher, although I would stay away from working on too many projects at a time. It is equally dangerous for a beginner and a veteran because these things can be quite unpredictable and often require detailed management. Unfortunately, we can never have enough time in life.


I hear you Jas. In fact, I've decided that I'm going to focus on one site at a time and only move onto the next one when the first one has reached the goals that I set for it audience and income-wise.
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You cannot opt to go that direction if you are just starting out; all these projects can end up crumbling. I agree with @Jas when he says that much as experience is the best teacher, things are best done sequentially.


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Developing multiple sites on different niches will not be easy work, especially for a beginner. If you are learning about web management and development along the way, it will be too much work.


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There's no harm in having multiple websites but the reason they fail to pick up is because people rush to other niches before perfecting the existing ones. Again, you don't necessarily need to understand web development as such.
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