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Michael Gilmour of WhizzBangsBlog plans to market his new sci-fi book without spending any money.

He shares some of the techniques such as marketing using Friends and Family and also using wider business contact.

The plan that he discusses in detail may be found here


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Thanks for sharing. I know for a fact it is possible to succeed on the internet without investing a single penny for advertising.

Of course, you have to invest in hosting and your domain name, but with the low prices that exist in the field of shared hosting and the great offers available today to purchase a cheap VPS, starting a business on the internet is quite economical even for modest budgets.

Moreover, if you really want begin in 2016, you can try with one of the $ 0.88 domains offered at for certain new extensions, renewing only the sites that are successful enough to fend for themselves in 2017 :)

With cheap hosting and cheap domain names available, this is a good time to venture into the business.


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Thank you for posting this link, I am looking over it now and it seems to be very informative and well written from what I have read so far. The author has given me some useful tips that I can employ myself in my own business strategy, albeit my business being in a different industry to his the tips and advice still cross over and will help me to succeed.


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Thanks for the share, marketing with no money is obviously the most challenging way but also the most rewarding (100% profit, duh!), something I don't like is selling to friends and family. It can be really awkward and there aren't a whole lot of things when it comes to website building, SEO, and everything in this realm of doing things that can be marketed to your parents, brothers and sisters or friends. Unless you're launching an actual product either tangible or not, that is common enough for people to use, it usually isn't relevant (at least in my experience). And like I said, you don't want to be that guy at parties or family gatherings.
Is nothing really outstanding to advertise without investing a single penny with a wide network of contacts already established. But for a nobody like me is certainly a struggle that will take more time to gain notoriety compared to paying PR distribution services, Google Advertising etc.


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I don't believe in advertising without cost. It's an investment in different form, and we don't invest without money. The tips are still useful, but there is a limit to how much we can depend on friends and network of known people. We need to reach out to a bigger audience, the target of our projects, to decide when to stop or keep pushing.
You can really market a domain without spending a cent. Once you have your site set up, you can use social media to promote it. I like to use Facebook. It's so easy to post something on Facebook. Find some interesting pictures to enliven your posts. When your friends on Facebook share your post, it will be seen by friends of your friends.


Well, I'd say good luck to anyone who plans to market anything whether it's a book or a website without spending any money. I tried that and I worked my behind off for the better part of a year without seeing results. Now I pay for advertising and I'm making a full time income from my business.
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