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Dear all,

There is now a .IN Marketplace using the Whatsapp platform, dedicated for the .IN extension. There are currently nearly 80 members in the group with many transactions taking place on a daily basis and some great .IN domain names being sold and bought.

This group is dedicated to all serious .IN domain buyers and sellers . If you are interested in joining the group, please PM me with a little more about why you would like to join the group and your cellphone number so that I can add you.

Please note that WhatsApp has a group limit of a maximum of 256 members, therefore the quicker you get your request in for the group, the more likely you will be able to join, it will be a first come, first served situation, after which when the group reaches its full limit, applications to join the group will be closed and you will be put on a waiting list until someone leaves the group or is removed due to not being active or not adhering to the rules. It really is a great group for .IN investors!



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