Days to Wait for Godaddy Domain Account Change?


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How many days to Wait for a Godaddy Domain Account Change? I mean for a Domain Push ("Account Change") not domain transfer

I know that for Domain Name Transfer it takes 60 days to move it to another registrar.

I registered a Domain Name on Godaddy on March 1st 2011.
Can I Push it to another person having his account with Godaddy now?
Or do I have to wait 60 days for the same ?


It takes less than 5 minutes!
It takes 60 days to transfer to another REGISTRAR...but here you are transferring to another account within the same there is no waiting.


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Thanks Picnic... SO you say it is instant transfer with in the same registrar accounts...

Is it the same way (Instant push to the same registrar address soon after registering the domain name) for all the domain Name Registrars.
Say, or ?

I was confused as in the Register as it is written as

"You acknowledge and agree that a domain name is ineligible for
transfer to another registrar for sixty (60) days following registration or
renewal at, or
transfer between registrants."

Please refer
last para Section 2.D on above webpage

So does any one have any comment regarding the Domain Push days to wait?
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