Daughter wants own blog


My daughter loves doing everything I do. If I read, she wants to pick up a book and read and so now that I'm working on my website, she wants to create one too. She even has a really great idea about what it's going to be about, too. I'm just worried that she's still a little young, although I do love that entrepreneural spirit and I don't want to discourage or kill it. What do you think?


You don't say exactly how old your daughter is, but I think that in this day and age where technology has made the entry barrier for those things so easy, it's probably a good idea to help her start something simple if she is really interested.


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I know a 14-year old who runs an online clothing store and is really doing well. As Britney has mentioned, you haven't talked about her age but it might be the right time to start nurturing that entrepreneurial spirit.


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Your daughter is a genius indeed. Don't we all wish we had children that were curious from a young age? For me, it is important that you start the process of identifying whether she really has the passion for a blog or is simply interested just out of curiosity.


Foster it Dusart.....by all means. I think it's great, and sweet too by the way, that your daughter wants to do what daddy does. Just keep everything age appropriate for her. That's what I would do.
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