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DaaZ has added a number of new features. I just received this email from them -

DaaZ.com objective is to become a faster, better, and more cost-effective domain marketplace. We are making steady progress to achieve the same objective.

Low Buy It Now (BIN) Success Fees - Just 5%

DaaZ is charging just a 5% success fee on BIN transactions. For example, if you sold a domain name for 1000 USD, we would credit 950 USD into your bank account.

We believe we are the lowest-priced pure domain marketplace for BIN transactions.

Bulk Tools Improvements

We heard your feedback and brought the bulk tool to enable or disable the “lease to own” settings for 1000’s of domain names

DaaZ Secure feature has been enhanced to support up to 100 domain names per transaction. This improvement certainly helps to sell multiple names in one single transaction.

One transaction, one transfer window, and one Invoice. You can split the service fees between you and the buyer.

Domain Auctions

Are you investing in premium domain names, then it’s a perfect time to acquire keyword domains from the DaaZ Auctions.


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