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    "1 month of hosting free" is an established business located in NewYork since 2008. Currently actively ran by WebDevelopmentGroup in New York. We are glad to say we have designed over 100 logos for customers all over the world. From all kinds of businesses not just online businesses.
    Youtube Reviews will be posted soon also.
    We give customers 2 simple options, to either create there own logo in our logo maker software program. Or hire the buy20dollarlogos team to design your logo professionally. Its that simple no hassle at all.
    Our State-of-the-Art Logo Design Maker Studio was built by some of the best logo designers in the world!
    The system is built to give the user the ability to create custom logo designs easily and quickly.
    They Simply input there company name, slogan(optional) and begin crafting / customizing the look by adjusting your logo style / size / color, slogan style / size / color, and selecting a design icon that best suits your new logo. Customer will be able to create eye-catching professional logos within minutes. After they "Order customers will get instant 24/7 access to the Full Version, which has hundreds of logo styles and design icons, giving you endless design possibilities.
    Once the customer is pleased with a design, they simply click the "Create My Logo" button and there logo files will be automatically generated and compressed into a zip file that they can then download. It doesn't get easier! has a team of 5 professional designers in New York. The winner of the auction will
    get my designers assistance charging only $5. Making your profit almost 80% of every order. If you have your own designers then this is also a A+.
    If you have any questions please message me directly. comes with the following:
    Live chat integration-
    Facebook & Twitter accounts-
    Payment processor-
    Whats the reason for sale? is under major development, and it been very difficult to manage both businesses. So we decided to hand this one over to someone else. This is a great opportunity for any ambitious entrepreneur. Forgot to mention also were on PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE FOR SEVERAL KEYWORDS. So you can just imagine the traffic amounts we get per day. And income potential. is a steady business with steady revenue.
    All the details will be provided to the next owner. is now being marketed on
    Adwords, Facebook, Blogs and many other places.