Crypto and Blockchain are registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse


Want to register a new TLD with one of these suddenly hot terms? You’re going to deal with the TMCH.

Remember the Trademark Clearinghouse for new top level domain names?

By getting a mark filed with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), a company can get first rights to a domain matching the mark when a new TLD goes through sunrise. Also, people that try to register a domain matching the mark get a warning during the start of general availability. This triggers a notification to the trademark holder, too.

I’ve documented how some companies tried to game the system. But with new TLDs coming out with lackluster interest, the concept of premium domains with premium pricing, and new TLDs rolling out slowly now, you don’t hear about it much more.

So you might be surprised to see that Blockchain and Crypto are in the TMCH database.

I might give the crypto trademark owners a break. There are three marks in the database, apparently from two different companies using Swiss trademarks. Their websites are and I’ll cut them some slack because they are in the crypto-security space, not cryptocurrencies.



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