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afaqs! reports that cricket enthusiasts in Ahmedabad have created an amateur version of the Twenty20 tournament called the Ahmedabad Premier League (APL).

The 79-match tournament replicates IPL in almost every way, complete with team franchisees and quirky names, though not the big bucks.
Overall, 18 teams were bought and 160 players auctioned on a point system in a span of five hours. This is how it worked. Each owner was given 1,000 points by way of an ‘asset value’ in exchange for Rs 2,350 to buy a team and an additional 8,520 points as ‘liquid points’ to buy players from other teams.
The bid for the highest player was Rs 505 from Dark Horse Riders team.
It obvious India loves cricket :D.

Does cricket merchandise sell like hotcakes in India?
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