Controversial .SUCKS Lashes Out At ICANN Threatening Legal Action


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The scourge of new gTLDs among brand owners has hit out at ICANN accusing it of making "false allegations" and disseminating "defamatory statements" against it. And they lay the blame for some of the highest prices for domain names squarely with ICANN, saying that everything they are doing was outlined in the application and contract for .sucks.

The move follows a complaint from ICANN's Intellectual Property Constituency that led to ICANN asking both the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and, because Vox Populi is a Canadian enterprise, Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA), to consider assessing and determining whether or not Vox Populi is violating any of the laws or regulations those agencies enforce.

And what could be seen as an attempt at a sugar-coated makeover, without really changing anything, the .sucks registry operator Vox Populi Registry has abandoned the .sucks "Sunrise Premium" brand in favour of a new "Market Premium" service, telling Domain Incite it 'is just a renaming, designed to reduce confusion among trademark owners.'

The complete article may be found on DomainNews
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