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We are no longer charging a commission to promote your names to end-users. Sign up TODAY for free and submit up to 10 names per month. We might close registration at some point in order to manage all the submissions.

For every domain we accept, we will contact 10 end-users on your behalf. Check for details.

Why should you sign up? Here are some of the benefits:

Benefits of the new model to the domain investor

1) Experience: After selling hundreds of GEO and keywords domains, we have a very good idea of who we should contact and how to get the contact information in a timely manner, in addition to the wording we should use when dealing with potential buyers.

2) Easy Contact: We have an online presence ( and and when we contact end-users, they can email us or call us, which has happened many times. We can speak with them and clarify any doubt or question they may have.

3) Saving Time: Some domain owners may not have the time to do the end-user research and the time they would spend on it might be worth more than $8.99 to them. So, we save them time, which is money.

4) Non US Residents: Nearly all our sales are in the US, where we are located. As a general rule, people tend to prefer to deal locally and might be afraid to respond to an email received from overseas. So, we remove this possible barrier from domain investors who do not live in the US. This is not to deny that many domain investors make sales from overseas and do outbound successfully, but we remove this possible obstacle.

5) Low Cost: For only $8.99, the domain owner will just have to sit down and let us do the work and this will substantially increase the chance of getting offers for their domain.

6) No Commission: With no commission, domainers will keep virtually all of the money they make with their domain, since we only charge a $25 flat success fee. This fee only charged if the domain sells.

7) Interested Party Contact Information: When an interested party comes along, we give the domain owner the contact information of the person who showed interest or made the offer, so they can contact the person in the future. So, if the name does not sell now, it might sell later, since you already know who is interested.


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