Computer/Consumer Electronics Review/Coupon SITE WORTH $1600

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    This site is a product review site and/or a computer information site (depending on what you want to make with it). The information is regarding computers/consumer electronics. I have a total of 17 decent sized posts with coupons for each of the products reviewed.
    Worth $1600, Selling for $500!

    It does NOT have "0" backlinks.. check above^ (DP is wrong)

    On May I started doing things with this site, I started writing articles, doing SEO, and went around in some forums promoting this site. I stopped writing articles a few months ago and the traffic has somewhat remained the same. I started around 1-2 weeks into may and still managed to create 800 visitors for the first month, then it was skyrocketing since until i stopped updating. This site has major potential but I lost interest and need money.

    I was bringing in on average $80 a month when promoted correctly. The site doesnt need a lot of work done, just someone to write or outsource articles and some promotion and it will bring in a good some of money. This can easily be making $200 a month with a little bit of work.

    Here are some screen shots:


    A month of commissions in CJ


    2 months of adsense revenue


    Serious offers only please!