Comments on Blog : Yay or Nay?


I read an article which highlighted the pros and cons of having comments enabled on your blog, and it gave all the reasons why some of the biggest blogs out there are switching off comments. What do you think about this? Do comments help in the ranking of your site?
Great stuff. Personally I agree on the disabling comments. I hate people.

No, just kidding. But seriously, it screws with your creativity and expression. Most people are doubters and idea killers. These are two different types of blogs we're looking at.

If you're blogging as a thought leader, disable it. New born ideas need time and absolute focus to mature. Cold water instantly dissolves the idea at its weakest stage.

If you're blogging to lead a community and get insights or thoughts, by all means enable the comments. Why wouldn't you?

One's a thinker, highly intelligent. His thoughts are far more developed than the average Joe. He blogs about ideas, theories, analogies, analysis.

The other's a guy who just does things, shares his experience, more of a follow the norm guy. Not that he necessarily does the 9-5, but he just follows what every one else is doing, because the majority must be right. He blogs about experiences, interviews, lessons learnt, updates on his life.


It really depends on the goal. If we are looking for traffic, enabling comments is an excellent idea because it might bring in more people. If we want to leave the page clean, nothing like disabling them.


Comments make the blog fun. Otherwise, it feels like your talking to yourself. Nonetheless, though, some spammers are abusing the comment idea - causing owners to disable comments. However, I think that's going a bit too far on the part of the owners. How about just getting rid of the spammers?


Relevant comments help, but if all anyone leaves is "Visit my great site here:" with a link, it just looks spammy and not very good. Moderating them takes ages.


I think comments if posted with some insights into them then surely they do add value. But this whole post comments to gain traffic is nothing but a spam. Nobody wants to admit that. "Adding value" for your own benefit, is same as spam. Natural commenting doesn't have a hook in return. That's the reason many bloggers are switching towards disqus.
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