!The Ultra super-premium domains, Now, during the auction at SEDO!


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The Ultra super-premium domains,
Now, during the auction at SEDO!

Everyone is, as you know, the domain name that is named "com"
TLD domain that can be, there are very rarity and great value.

It is, of course, many of TLD domains, especially of CCTLD domain
Many, the name of the "com" is a representative of generic domain, for a variety of reasons
More, it is because they prohibited.

In addition, and sponsored domains such as private organizations and companies, some of CCTLD,
The domain name to be as "com", in the case of the domain is allowed,
As almost all, it is the acquired state and also the new GTLD
is sold,
Or have been prohibited to put the name of the "com", the name is reserved in advance of the "com"
The difference is or has been, essentially, what the new domain name is "com"
It is nearly impossible to state to get.

For this reason, the domain name of the "com" is incredible much
It is to generate a value!

I, this time, the top-level domain that you have sent to the auction
"" is, contains the "com" to the top-level domain name
Despite yl, it is simply the domain name is named as "com",
It is extremely rare top-level domains that are allowed.

In addition, "" is a global domain of a kind,
As the name implies, is not feel a particular industry, also contains the name of "Africa"
Because there, the person who saw this domain, public institutions, and reminded the international organizations,
Therefore, public students also feel,
As a result, it has become a domain that it is possible to give a good impression.

Of course, those who are involved in the business that are relevant to Africa, for those who love Africa
and taken to the, to the other, choice has become a no domain!

In addition, the present domain, as described above, very there is asset value,
In the automatic appraisal of SEDO,
At a minimum worth of 304,045USD (199,999GBP), the maximum amount of the bid,
It was judged to be good at 380,057USD (24,999GBP)!

But on the surprising sound, how, in spite of this domain in this way a great deal of value, starting price of the auction, 15201USD (10000GBP)
That, making it to start from the safety of ultra-exceptional!

Since the remaining time of the auction of this domain is about 8 hours later,
If it is made a successful bid in the direction of others, in order to not regret also, now, and of this domain
Please participate in the auction!

There is no time to be lost!

Of a lot of everyone to this auction, I look forward to your participation!

(Also in the bid amount of money close to the minimum amount of money for a successful bid, it is welcome!
However, in the case of a premium domain, such as in this domain
Just before the end, because there is a possibility that the bid is rapidly increasing,
For insurance, I think that is a bid in the amount of a little versatile, not wise! )

In addition, a link to the auction site of this domain is the following.


※ (behind the amount that is displayed in USD, are you to display the amount of GBP is,
It has been implemented in the GBP currency auction of the domain in the SEDO
Is because)


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