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Here is what the buyer said about the coffee business which he is about to set up on the domain name

Good Morning from the Coffee.Club. Sip, have you ever thought about the first sip of the day. It does not get any better. If you are a coffee drinker, you are part of the Coffee.Club. You are in the .Club.
Funny on some of the comments in this forum. They are true. I am an old Domainer (1996) with over 4,000 domains. Way too many. I have always developed what we bought and have only sold less than one hundred. a few in 2002 for high 7 figures, another for $1,000,000 and then (my son and his partner (semi son) and I sold 40 real estate and mortgage domains in 2007 for over $7,000,000. I have made hundreds of mistakes, but a couple of good deals. We call them blessings in my house.
Ellie (our daughter) started the coffee business in 2008 after the sale of to Rakuten (Linkshare) in Japan. We leased a warehouse in our hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas. We are a family ran coffee company and have ground out this business one customer at a time.
Today, we are proud to say we have over 66,000 customers located from Boston to San Diego. My passion in running a hometown business in an online world. We run the Coffee company like a small town hardware store. You can just sign a ticket, we answer the phone (no auto answer during the day), if you are on hold more than a minute, your order is free. If you don’t like it, bring it back. We guarantee your happiness. Expect something special. Great Customer service. We treat our customers as family, you will likely get a hand written thank you note. The person packing your order may slip in a cookie and a note. In summary, you will like doing business with the McClure family.
As my Dad would say to me. Don’t give a second thought to your critics and naysayers, because they won’t be your customer anyway. Spend your thoughts and energy on surprising your friends. It is amazing. It works. He was a smart guy who loved serving his country and friends.
Now, here is the exciting news in our home. We are launching the Coffee.Club to all of our friends, Domainers, 250,000 Facebook fans, 66,000 existing coffee customers and all of the coffee drinkers in the world.
Ok, when you sign up, 1 month, 3 months, 6 or twelve. We will begin roasting your green beans in a few days. Pause or cancel anytime you like.
The Coffee.Club will be roasting fresh Arabica coffee beans and delivering direct to your doorstep. You will always have fresh coffee.
Our passion for coffee and the best customer experience at Coffee.Org will carry the same great tradition to the Coffee.Club.
As a Coffee.Club member, you’ll get deliveries on a convenient schedule that meets your needs.
Our specialty artisan roaster is a master at roasting each batch by hand, carefully controlling the heat and air flow, then gently smoking the beans to enhance the flavor and aroma. The beans will be air cooled for 24 hours. We will package the beans or grind the coffee and immediately load it on the FED EX truck to deliver the freshest coffee to homes across the world.
We will also have a Coffee.Club Keurig compatible single cup which we call the Real Cup.
(Deleted Paragraph)
The deal with the .Club guys is the best deal of my career. It clearly was not about the cost of the domain. I announced our new fresh roasted coffee club for the holidays on Saturday morning at Traffic. By five o’clock, Colin, Jeff, Lil and Michele had made me a deal that I could not refuse.
Worldwide distribution rights to Coffee.Club, we later made a deal on Café.Club for the Latin countries. Last night, here in Dallas at the national Coffee, Tea and Water show we began discussion with the company who will launch the Coffee.Club in Canada.
Coffee.Club will launch the US on Cyber Monday, December 1st, assuming we can get out of collision with ICANN. (which I do not understand.)
Give a gift to your family, friends and customers that will keep on giving. Every month they can receive coffee and a message from you.
Now, here I need your help. Our objective is to sign 1,000 subscriptions in December. Please order a subscription and if you are in the domain industry, give us a little love this holiday season.
I love you naysayers too. Keep it up. YOU may just change your mind.
God Bless,
Bill Mac, AKA (Billy Mac by my closest friends.)

Source: DomainCrunch
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