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New Member - BIN $ 790 sold for $1000 through SEDO (see inforum link or this )
It confirms the fact that the CloudDrives service is on the move by the IT industry leaders.
- BIN $ 58 registered - ExpiryDate - 1/30/2014 - BIN $ 57 registered - ExpiryDate - 1/30/2014

Who does not wish to have their own private Property?
Earlier in August 2011 through SEDO and was sold for above $1500. - $ 89
In the era of Cloud Computing there would be no one who does not wish to know the basics of Cloud computing. I was checking my previous boorkmarks. I had bookmarked few websites in a folder called CloudComputingBasics before 3 years when I did not even knew anything about domaining. Thanks NameTrader for the advices. - $ 29

Earlier in November 2010 was sold for $5,000. I assume that the value of that domain Names is many times above it. All the three domain names have exact searches in that category. - $24
Laptops are getting thinner and thhinner day by day. One of the best of its kind best for affilitate marketing purpose too. - $ 20
India is the land of IT Professionals. It also serves good for a IT Social Networking Community like linkedin. - $ 47
Its a highly searched term in India. Check the Search Volume of the keyword and you will understand it. It would be a steal at this price. was earlier sold for $2000 and for 3500 - $ 48
India is considered as one of the best Market Place that every MultiNationals are competing to enter. There are many companies in India that offers the Sales Consulting services. Most often I could even see job openings for Sales Consulting positions. I am sure that the buyer of this Domain Name do not have to regret at this offered price. Even it is having

Free Take Away Domain Names
For the first two people who buys from me can take any one of the high quality 3 letter domain Names as free. - | Expires 22-Jan-2013 - | Expires 22-Jan-2013
But you need to post Sold to claim. First two persons to post can also the free Domain Name that they wish to have along with it so that others will not claim it.


Take all the above stated domains at a bargain price of $ 990.
I too prefer a bulk buy.

Still I consider myself as a newbie into domaining who does not know much about Domain Pricing... If you feels that the price quoted it too High, you can post the amount that you wish to offer and I will consider it if there is no buyer for the domain name.

Now exclusive... Free domain Push... Payment through Paypal or HDFC bank wire transfer... Happy to use Escrow needed buyer pays the fees.
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Hi would like to buy... & if they are still available....


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This week domain name '' was sold for $1000. Refer the Inforum sales archive or the latest DNJournal sales list for the information.
DnJournal sales list confirms that the domain name was sold through SEDO.

My domain "" is a far competent domain name that is for sale only $ 790.
I hope it is a sure bet for buyer in the days to come.
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