Cloud.XYZ Sells @ $6.6K, Mobi.CLUB $5.6K, Liars.CLUB $5.4K, Backstage.CLUB $5K, The DNJ T20


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Ron Jackson >> The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 Sales ( ) >>

.IN Sales: iBANK.IN $2,350 (via )

'New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales:

Cloud.XYZ $6,600 (via )

Mobi.CLUB $5.6K (via RU-Center) | Liars.CLUB $5,358 (via 'Registry Direct') | Backstage.CLUB $5,000 (via ) | SoHo.CLUB $5,000 [...] | Squeeze.CLUB $4,385 ( via ) | Fussball.CLUB $3,000 (via EuroDNSSA) | Deutschland.CLUB $2,999 (via United-Domains)

Entrepreneur.BEER $2,500 [...]

Trusted.COMPANY $2,016 [...]

Emirates.CLUB $2,000 (via 'Mark Monitor' ( ) )


( The
complete list of the nTLD Sales is available at: )

Top 'Other' TLD: YA.NET $35,000 ( via 'Indus Domains' ( )

.TRAVEL Sales: Wifi.TRAVEL $2,635 (.TRAVEL is not a 'New TLD' / 'nTLD')

RON >> ..." $2,635 sale of reported Isaac Paton at "...

Percentage of .COMs:

Thurs., Aug 20 = 8 out of 20 = 40%

Thurs., Aug 27 = 11 out of 20 = 55%

Thurs., Sep 10 = 18 out of 20 = 90%

(2 x 2 Weeks of DN Sales Data since there was no TOP 20 report published on Thurs., Sep 3, 2015)

Thurs., Sep 17 = 13 out of 20 =

Thurs., Sep 24 = 13 out of 20 = 65%

Thurs., Oct 8 = 19 out of 22 = 86.36% | (22 entries - due to a 3-way 'tie' at #20)

(2 x 2 Weeks of DN Sales Data since Ron + Diana Jackson were away at 'THE Domain Conference' ( ) in Fort Lauderdale)

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)

-------------------------------------------------------- full article:

Short .Coms Continue Chart Dominance - 11 of Week's 12 Biggest Sales Were 3 Letters or Less

By Ron Jackson

Less continues to be more in the domain aftermarket - the fewer letters in a name the higher the price tag goes. That was more evident that ever over the past two weeks with a 2-letter .com topping our chart at nearly $700,000 and nine 3-letter .coms among the 12 biggest sales. The lone non .com in the first dozen was also ultra-short - that being a two-letter .net [...] led the charge of the short brigade with a blockbuster $694,095 sale at NameJet that also ranks as the 6th biggest sale reported so far this year. A pair of 3-letter .coms [...] [[ ( ) ]] moved for $65,000.

[...] #7, a domain that Braden Pollock of LegalBrandMarketing sold for $40,000 after acquiring the name for just $11,000 in the NamesCon conference auction last January.

[...] George Kirikos found in an SEC filing - #20 (tie) at $20,000.

[...] German domains - #17 (the shortest name on the elite list) at $24,640 [...]



[ Ron's full article - including the complete list of the TOP 20 DN Sales:

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