Clever: Radix Bolsters New gTLD Adoption Through Sponsored Startups, Buzz, Goodies


They say that ‘money talks and bullshit walks’ (at least that is what my father used to say) and no-one likely knows this better than domain registry Radix, who maintains and operates several new catchy gTLD domain endings such as .tech and .online. Since 2016, Radix has been helping startup companies by putting a little money where their mouth is and providing new startups sponsorship covering sometimes as much as 100% of their expenses for exhibit booth fees and branded merchandise at massive industry conferences such as Collision, Web Summit, TechCrunch Disrupt and more.

Participants who are approved by Radix’s “Startup League” are assured that ‘making their mark’ will be that much easier as Startup League will cover their costs and use their vast resources including a $45 million dollar investment (that’s what their startup solicitation email outlines), to help get affiliated startups noticed with free PR and marketing goodies specifically set aside for this purpose.

There is only one requirement of said startups…
They must be willing to register and use one of the nine (9) new Internet domain names Radix operates. In other words, they must use one of the following domain name extensions for their primary website address which would then end in, .TECH, .PRESS, .SITE, .SPACE, .STORE, .ONLINE, .WEBSITE, .FUN, or .HOST.

If they do agree and are willing to switch domains (which Startup League will also help with and give them a free domain for a year), they can be evaluated for sponsorship and potential inclusion in this select group of innovators which will likely save them a great deal of cash letting them keep more of their money focused on innovation and less on marketingendeavors



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