City National Bank Sells + More Domain Movers


Domain Movers highlights company focused domain name transactions. Here is a tiny sample of some domain names acquired and sold by companies around the world recently.

NAPCO Media has acquired at domain name aftermarket service for $7,000.

Human Inc. has acquired with the transaction being handed at for an undisclosed amount.

Amazon has acquired security camera company based on reports. To back this up, Amazon registered several similar domain names:,,,,, to mention a few. This tells me that Amazon is likely to keep the Ring brand name but likely adding Amazon to it, as Amazon Ring. heads to the UK and was acquired by Interactive Network Ltd out of GoDaddy’s NameFind investment domain name portfolio for an undisclosed amount. This was likely a solid five figure domain sale but GoDaddy doesn’t report it sales.

Marksmen acquired two, 4 letter domain names for clients. was acquired by Discovery Communications, LLC and was likely acquired for vape brand, which Marksmen also helped them acquire ( recently. has been listed for sale by HP Inc., once again through DigitalDNA. HP has been listing several domains with the service and some domains have been sold so far. moved from whois privacy, to and then out right away to It would appear the domain name may have sold dating back as far as 2014 and may have been in escrow, likely doing payments, for awhile. The current website has been up since at least 2015.

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