*in auction on Sedo*


Only 2 days at the close of the auction.
Youcan buy this domain consists of one word LLLL internationally at a very interesting price.
Currently the offer is firm at € 60.
The auction closes March 6​
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The ciak (in English "clapboard") is an onomatopoeic term that defines one of the most characteristic equipment of the cinema. It consists of a tablet (or board) which lists all the data of the scene being shot, and a mobile wand that produces a characteristic noise (known as "ciak).

Using ciak:

The wand was beaten by one of the assistants (known as "ciaker) ciak placing the frame just before the director says" Action! ", And a few moments after the operator said" Party! " (referring to the engine of the director's chair). The data written to the ciak serve after the editor to identify the exact recovery (often in fact been done several times in English "take" for the same scene or shot). Consequently, in the jargon film ciak the term is also used as a synonym of recovery (turn three ciak, in practice, it means running the same shot three times). In the phase synchronization of audio, in addition, the noise produced by ciak (and lowering himself dell'asticella visible frame) used to determine the exact point, or frame, in which the synchronized soundtrack. Until a few years ago to be able to easily delete the information was used slate boards and chalk. Today we increasingly use panels of Plexiglas or similar materials unbreakable and erasable markers.

The ciak most are made with modern digital technology and also equipped with electronic display.
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Very impressive!!!! All along I just thought it was called a 'clapper.' But what did I know?

Good luck with the auction.


Are you interested?
Naw the auction is firm at 60$.
You can offer 70$. for a great international domain


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